Letter from Anthony C Ireland:


14th September 2005

To whom it may concern,

The last twelve months have been filled with tragedy for so many parts of the world. The tsunami in the Far East, the earthquake in Pakistan and India, and the two hurricanes in the southern United States being perhaps the worst, with huge loss of life and destruction that we, in the United Kingdom, simply cannot imagine.

The aid agencies in this country have been stretched to the full and people have, as usual in these circumstances, responded magnificently. However there is a group of people, musicians of all types, but more particularly jazz and blues, whom when Katrina hit New Orleans, lost everything.

Jonathan Hoare and John Coops of South Rauceby are setting up an organisation within Lincolnshire and beyond to help the 3,200 professional musicians rebuild their lives and careers. I have known Jonathan for more than twenty years and I am happy to vouch for his integrity and dedication and I am delighted to offer my patronage to the project. I would recommend any one wishing to offer their support to do so without any apprehension or hesitation.

Anthony C Ireland